About Us

About Us

Martin Trowbridge, Martin Home Service

Your home is a major investment.  At Martin Home Service we are dedicated to helping you protect that investment, whether it is the construction of a new home, an addition to enlarge an existing space, or the remodeling & updating of an existing home, we can offer you the highest quality offered in the industry today

We are a quality; service oriented Design/Build & Home Improvement Company based in Main Street,Redmond, Proudly serving WA , dedicated to your satisfaction. You can rely on Martin Home Service to treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.Professionalism & expertise with the highest level of personal attention allows us to make the process from design to completion a satisfying one. Our dedication to our clients is what makes us unique.

Family owned and Operated

Most construction companies primarily use subcontractors, though this is a much easier approach in the beginning of the project, It usually provides everyone involved with plenty of headaches by the project’s end. To avoid this situation we have taken the following steps:

  1. We use our own trained crews in critical aspects of the job. This creates a much better end-product and provides a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  2. Our staff are Home Improvement professionals in their field of work, and only work in their respective fields; you will never see a carpenter installing tile, or an electrician painting your home.
  3. The subcontractors we do use have been working with us for many years and they understand and embrace our high expectations for customer service, as they are leaders in their Home Improvement fields as well.
  4. These subcontractors undergo extensive screening, including back ground checks, Licensing & Insurance requirements, Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, OSHA compliance and much more.
  5. We have a dedicated field supervisor for every Home Improvement Project to visit your job-site almost every day to assure that work is being completed correctly. In a timely manner and that our customer is 100% satisfied.

We understand that the cost of doing business should be reduced by making intelligent management decisions… not by reducing the quality of our work. We spend very little money on advertising. Consequently, we can provide customers with an exceptional end-product at a very affordable price.We stand by all our work and guarantee it for up to Five years, Five times our industry standard.