An average homemaker walks two hundred miles a year in performing household tasks and half of this is in the kitchen. So have a kitchen space that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing and at the same time enjoyable to hang out. Below are some basic tips on upgrading your kitchen area.

Tips and the Three Major Activity Centers in a Kitchen

  1. Storage. When it comes to storage, the refrigerator is the focal point. Locate the refrigerator near the delivery door or near the access of the living-dining area. Most homes do have pantries which act as an additional storage for food. One may opt for a pantry area, but if space is limited, utilize unused space such as having corner or hanging cabinets. Storage racks can also be used to maximize space which is perfect for storing condiments. Make sure to create an organized yet accessible storage area.
  2. Preparation and Cleaning. This space is usually built around the sink and its adjoining counter space. Make sure to have ample lighting by providing an adjacent window opening. Make sure to use materials that are easy to clean and won’t stain.
  3. Cooking and Serving. When doing either renovations or building a new home make sure to consider having comfort zones. This means having a comfortable working space allowance that makes the occupant work freely and comfortably even with extended periods of time. Convenient height of counters and use of appliances should always be considered.
  • Separate laundry area. The laundry area is best located in its own utility room.
  • Opt for a Planning Center. This consists of a small desk, computer and a telephone. This can be place for cookbooks and recipe index to be located, menus from your favorite take out restaurants, or a perfect place to keep an eye on the kids and their home work activities while preparing dinner. Make sure the planning center is away from the work triangle, but tie it in with the kitchen design by using cabinets, counter tops, and drawers that match the design.

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