Giving your bathroom an upgrade is a rewarding experience. The following are inexpensive and sensible tips on bathroom remodeling.

Natural Lighting: Allowing daylight into bathrooms not only helps cut energy costs but also creates a lively and healthy space. Solar Tubes can be a suitable choice for bathrooms because while it provides natural light, it maintains privacy to the space.

Natural Ventilation: Though using bath fan can reduce mold and mildew built up, always make sure that enough natural ventilation is brought into the bathroom space. If privacy is still achievable, provide ample window openings. You can provide window blinds made of natural materials to allow controlled air inside the bathroom while maintaining privacy.

Utilizing Space: One of the most common problems when it comes to bathrooms is space. If your bathroom has limited space you can use sliding doors for shower rooms or even room dividers or screens to isolate or provide privacy. Opt to have built-in high and corner cabinets to utilize unused space. For a cleaner look and easier cleaning, choose to have high cabinets and a wall mounted water closet.

Using Sustainable Materials: Consider using eco friendly materials on your bathroom remodeling. From tiles down to accessories. You can use tiles made from recycled materials or natural linoleum and finished bamboo for the flooring. Search for wheatboard bathroom cabinets, these are made from wheat straw and a non toxic binder. You may also use wicker products for cabinets and room dividers. Bathroom mats and window covers can also made from bamboo or seaweed materials. These are non toxic materials which can give a tropical feel to your bathroom space.

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